top cards

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this is a fun color detail for your zerOz .. now available online!

we've always recommended using a zerOz "top card" .. your cards slide better and your leather stays smoother. your zerOz already comes with one color that we love! now, with a set of 8, you can change it up to your liking .. a fun to addition to any zerOz gift.

flip through the product image on the left to see how it works.

available for zerOz with punched-hole designs.


Collections: E X T R A S

Type: zerOz accessories

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match your life with a perfect size

extra small
holds about 2-3 cards. perfect for going out. doctors on call, cyclists and golfers,
lead guitar dudes, or a quick trip to vegas!
 slide in your ID, atm, room key .. go super light

 S    holds about 4-6 cards. this is a great everyday, all around, cool, easy-to-use zerOz.
easy to organize & easy to find what you need. and no more sitting on a big, bulky wallet

 M    holds about 8-10 cards. this is the best size zerOz for a transition
from a back pocket wallet, or a traditional women's pocketbook.
most of us really don't use more than 10 cards on a daily basis