cycling .. upstart.

oh of course it seems crazy ... but cycling is at the heart of zerOz. zerOz began with a multi-day biking adventure through the mountains!   a year later, still using a rubber band as my "wallet" the push and development of the planets skinniest cool wallet was born. :)  for real.
OK this is where it gets a little weird ... like what’s the connection to anything wallet related and riding a bike?    in my mind. It’s a perfect match ... I have mashed the two together and to me it’s made for the zerOz brand being

born in the mountains.   brewed on the bike.  built in columbus

At the heart of every product or service is a truly believable and authentic
concept.  and any great concept has many iterations, but it’s the time of brewing time ... rolling along on bike time before the hard analysis and prototypes .. it’s the dreaming and rethinking and designing in your mind through the dark of night through the rain through the hundred degree weather,  the flat tires, the uncertainty of getting home, through traffic through nature along the river over the
mountain around the urban chaos, the stop for coffee or a beer …. etc.. It is my time on the bike brewing ... zerOz concept brewing.